Giving things up

I have been feeling quite low over the last few weeks. Fatigue has been bad and I’ve not really felt like doing anything other than slump in front of the TV.

I went to a fatigue course yesterday run by the MS Nurse and an OT. One of the things that they said really struck a chord with me. They said that if you are not careful MS is about giving up things – especially leisure activities and that it is important to fill these gaps with something else. I realized that since I moved house and gave up what few activities I did have I haven’t replaced them with anything.
I’ve used excuses about access problems and fatigue to keep me at home and I am in danger of becoming a blob.

This jolt plus today’s bit of sunshine has got me motivated. I hope to sort out a new outdoor wheelchair this week (OT assessment on Tuesday) and I am determined to become part of my new community. I have let disability hold me back but I’m not going to do that anymore. I have as much right to attend all the festivals etc as everyone else and I’m not going to let the crowds put me off. If I roll over a few toes – so be it. I have let MS make me timid – well I’m going to give THAT up.


Good for you Jane, it must be hard for you having moved and given up your usual activities. It’s hard enough making new friends when you haven’t got MS, but at least you can join your local society As you say if you run a few toes over, well they have got 10 after all!!

Seriously Jane, I’m glad your fighting spirit is back and raring to go and wish you luck with your new to be wheels.

Janet x

That`s the ticket, my girl! You go for it!

luv Pollx

Well Done…

Get out there and raise hell!..Have fun while you do it though.

Come back and let us all know what you’ve been doing…when you’ve done it…if that makes sense!..ENJOY!


Hi Jane,

Good for you.

Have you read the MonSter and the rainbow by Mel Kingston,it is about MS from a wheelchair.

A good read.

Take Care.


Good on ya Jane, i feel the same as you,and i am trying to give myself a kick up my bum, too,i make all sorts of excuses not to go out,more so in the winter months,i have become a bit of a recluse.

jaki xx

Good for you Jane, negative emotions should be filed in the bin. Best of luck with finding your new place in the community, and I hope that this is at the top of the podium.

Best Wishes,


Hi Jane

Good for you, onwards and upwards as they say.


Hi Jane

Good for you, onwards and upwards as they say.


Hullo Jane.

I’ve ‘just finished’ a short course of ‘anti-depressive’ tablets. I couldn’t ‘believe it’ when my Doctor diagnosed them (his own father has MS so he has a fair idea of the condition - in fact he says that it is difficult to diagnose because although there are plenty of people with the condition, everyone is different - he is aware that he himself ‘may’ develop it - he doesn’t know? - Even if he does, although he himself is a Doctor, he will find it difficult to DIAGNOSE HIMSELF! (I’ve given up smoking and drinking in an attempt to ‘get better’ - but I’ve still had 3/4/5? relapses in the 13+ years that I have had MS and all that has happened is that I can’t stand smoking or drinking - it makes me sick!! - although maybe that is good, I definately don’t miss them!

If you want, Try relaxation (and sex) - although with a bl**dy catheter (although it says that it is possible) I haven’t had sex for weeks! My wife ‘puts up’ with it (I think) because she’s a staunch catholic (I’m not anything) - I think that she thinks that all things are up to God (but her own brother has MS as well - and he’s a catholic!) - I’M LOST? - best just go and try to RELAX (but try and stay away from heat, lack of sleep and tension!)

Marcus. x.

Good for you Jane

I do miss some of the things I’ve had to give up, and some of the replacements have not worked out too well (e.g. Spanish classes with a loopy fruitcake feminist stuck in the 60s who spent half the class talking (in English) about her family and flirting with the blokes!), but some have been great.

I hope you find loads of new things to do that work out really well

Karen x