given the boot the boot!

Good afternoon my pals!

You know the glamorous support boot/splint thing I`ve been using for a few days? Well, yesterday afternoon, I suddenly got an awful pain in my calf, on the leg the boot was on. Oooh it did chuffing hurt!

So, my stupid mind thought…dvt! Yeh, I know, a tad over dramatic probably. Anyway I quickly removed said boot and the pain went.

Now the back of the leg part is curved and my foot didnt go right in where I reckon it should be.

The reason I was given the boot, a good while back, is different from why I`ve tried it now.

I`m having quite an intense, deep ache in my thigh. The boot eased the pain, as well as stopped my foot flop. And after I took the boot off, the pain my thigh was worse than before.

Do you think my self diagnosis/treatment is possibly doing more harm than good?

Guess I ought to wait till 16th Sept and discuss it with my new neuro, eh?


ps no posh words today!

Hi Poll, you probably know more than your neuro at this stage but there are some things probably best left to the doctors. Can’t you get in touch with them sooner rather than wait till half way through September, it’s a long time to wait to find out if you are doing more harm than good? Linda x

I don’t think you did harm Poll but at least you now know that its not a perfect solution. The set up did ease for a while so maybe your neuro can come up with something similar that can do the job without the pain. If you hadn’t have tried it then you wouldn’t have known the pro’s and con’s. It sounds like your boot is half the solution and hopefully the doc can elucidate (posh word???) what the problem is.

take care xx

Hi Kelly…elucidate…a really posh word for a Bank Holiday indeed!

Linda, I have tried to get in touch with physio, who gave me the boot, but thry say I have to go through a referral from Gateway to Care. Tried ringing them for 2 days and no asnwer at all.

I guess a referral will take a while, so talking to the neuro may be quicker.

You know, once we are in the system, I dont see why we cant self-refer…we used to, but no more! Sounds like a waste of brass to me…then they tell me if I ask for more care, i could lose some what I already have…piffle, innit!