Girlfriend ?


I have just replied to a post and in it refared to my “girlfriend”.

Now I’m 59 and a grandad my “girlfriend” is ( better not mention age ) and a grandma.

Are we to old for these terms, I do sometimes call her my lady ( other things as well but better not mention those ).

So how do you refare to each other and please not wife.



I understand this dilema!

I like Bidey-In (only appropriate if you stay together I suppose)

Will be watching for the suggestions that you get.

Ellie x (who is also too old to be a girlfriend!)

Wot about my OH…my hubby sometimes refers to me as

er indoors! No, you`re never too old for a girl friend nor for a bit of that there!

luv Pollx`

hi Robin’ what about’‘’ mate’ pall’ partner ’ her who knoes best ‘’ that one works best 4 me!!! then again i am male!!! wots up with girlfriend ? Julien… good luck.

I know he calls me his partner and I refer to him as my OH but if I’m annoyed with him then I call him the lodger lol… There’s nothing wrong with girlfriend / boyfriend no matter what age you are :slight_smile: x

My OH calls me his missus, he did try calling me his partner but then felt he had to justify it by saying my name. Oh and I’ve got a mug saying “Karen, the best fiancee in the world” but people look when he says that as we have 4 kids between us.