Girlfriend recently diagnosed


my girlfriend got diagnosed last month with ms, recently she has been having numbness and pain in her legs and lower back, we are currently awaiting her to start tecfidera, her ms nurse hasn’t helped much and when she says she will make contact she doesn’t. She was put on a 5 day course of steroids to try and see if this helped the numbness, it in fact has made it worse, the pain feels like a dagger sticking in her toes and numb legs but with blisters on the soles of her feet! Her legs and feet are very swollen. Has anyone else come across this and found a way to help stem the pain or help the numbness go?

just wondering if amitriptyline would help…it helps me with severe nerve pain. been on it since 2000. you normally start on 10mg and increase it till you find your ideal dose…mine is 75mg at night. Lots of folk say it causes weight gain.


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we have found out after our own research and people’s advice on here it could be the side affects to the steroids still no response from the ms nurse as of yet. What type of drug is the one suggested as girlfriend is diabetic aswell

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Hi Burgess91,

My partner was diagnosed in 2012 and one of the first symptoms was numbness in the legs. Steroids in her case helped. She still has random pain, stabbing pain in the back, fuzzyness in the left arm…

All I can suggest is keep harassing the MS Nurse. Our experience has also not been brilliant with MS nurses. Lack of service etc. Keep asking questions. Go back to the doctor or go to another. Ibrufofen have been useful. But from the doctors 400mg tablets seem to help any pain.

Keep asking, bothering people until you get the right help…MS is such an unpredictable condition…it can be scarey.

Find a way to keep laughing…this helps too!

Take care :wink: