Gilenya primary progressive trial

A phase 3 trial of Gilenya (fingolimod) effectiveness on primary progressive MS ended in September. Does anyone know the result ?


Hi John, I just had a quick google, which you’ve probably done as well. Can only find stuff about the trial but nothing about results.

Perhaps it takes a long time to study the results before they publish?

Let’s hope we hear something soon and it’s good news!

Pat xx

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Posted on Everyday living as well. Replies indicate results December/January .

I understand it costs £20k per year, so doubt NHS will be in hurry to let us try it !

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Hmmmm… I share your doubts.

Thanks for info.

Pat xx

Hi John,

At 20k I think Pats right! Another one bites the dust!


This comment on the Barts & London blog today suggests the results are due pretty soon.

“This post reminds me that we should be hearing about the headline results from the fingolimod PPMS trial very soon; I was told there would be a press release either in the last week of November or the first week of December. I wonder if my prediction of the results will be correct; this prediction is based on the asynchronous progressive MS and therapeutic lag hypotheses.”

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According to the INFORMS study, there is no significant difference between fingolimod and placebo. You can read more here: Multiple Sclerosis Research: INFORMS STUDY: fingolimod in PPMS

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