Gilenya and high liver ALP levels

Hi everyone, just popping by to hopefully get some advice please.
I’ve been taking Gilenya now for 8 years with no problems really.
My bloods have come back with high Liver and cholesterol readings,
so neurologist said to take one tab every other day, which I have done since July,
Saw a nutritionist and have followed the diet, lost weight etc but disappointed that my results still high, Does anyone know how long I can take Gilenya safely at a reduced dose?
Also has anyone changed from Gilenya for a different med, really don’t want IV or more injections, have reactions to most.
Have had MS for 30 years, still mobile with help of rollator.
Any advice would be welcome, thank you so much xx

Hi, I dont know anything about your meds - Im on Siponimod and I had a high liver count of 129 in September , I researched how to help the liver and found if you ate grapes it helps. So I now eat a small tub of them each day. My liver count in October was 106. It may be a coincident but as I like them Its no hardship - might be worth a try x

Thank you so much for the advice, I’ll definitely start munching grapes from tomorrow. My ALP was 458 in July so was really shocked, it has come down to 360 now, but still too high.
I live in Greece, so lucky to have avocados ready for picking. Trying so hard to eat healthy. Green tea, and an espresso a day, veggie diet.
Thank you again, hope you continue keep yr levels down too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Try mabthera. Only IV once a year. 0 lesions since i took it.
I used to have gilenya, the sorrow to be reminded of Ms every morning made me sad because i got reminded of my disease every day. I also got new lesions with Gilenya.