Ghost Story

Did anyone watch ‘remember me’ the three part ghost story with Michael Palin. What a great British drama, some of which was filmed up the coast from me in Scarborough.

All the actors were fab but Michael Palin was top drawer in my opinion.

I love a good ghost story. Couple of nights after watching, I had a dream about ghosts and woke myself up praying…luckily my husband was happily snoring away


Hiya, hope you changed underwear, and threw old ones out, can’t wash that, Brian

Naughty naughty Brian

Oh dear,

Sorry, but we’ll have to agree to differ on that one. Perhaps if it hadn’t been so overhyped, I wouldn’t have felt so disappointed, but I sat down looking forward to being frightened out of my wits (oddly, I really do enjoy that, despite being of a nervous disposition), and put all the lights out specially. But I found it typical, Sunday-night, middle-of-the-road fare; not a bit scary (it would take a lot more than that), and even Michael Palin (who was hardly in it after the first episode) and the excellent young girl couldn’t save it from the half-baked, unscary plot.

I persevered to the bitter end, mainly because there’s nothing better on a Sunday night, but ended up wondering why I’d bothered. A ghost story needs to scare (not to contain gore, which is a different thing) but I should have realised they wouldn’t put anything really disturbing on Sunday evening primetime. I did enjoy the scenery, and that open air ballroom looked amazing, but still not enough to compensate for the rest.

The writer could learn a few things from the book I’m reading at the moment: it’s a collection of ghost stories, most more than 100 years old, and none more recent than the 1930s, I don’t think, but there are some genuine spine chillers in there. It’s variable, of course - no anthology is without a couple of duds, and you have to get used to the old-fashioned language, and what sometimes seems, to us, a ridiculous amount of scene-setting, before you get to the actual haunting - or whatever it was that’s the main point of the story. I have often thought, whilst reading it, that it’s a shame we don’t get many new stories of such calibre today, or even many new adaptations of classic ghost stories, which always used to be popular around Christmas time. Henry James’ Turn of the Screw is one of my favourites - partly because it’s never spelt out in black and white whether there was an actual haunting, or whether the central character was losing her mind - both are equally scary, but in a different way. James wisely didn’t tell us, but left it so that either interpretation is possible.

It isn’t one of those in my book, but just one that came to mind when I was thinking of really good ghost stories.

Why does the stupid spellcheck not recognize “stories” as an actual word? Am I losing my mind now? It surely shouldn’t be “storeys”, as that’s a building, isn’t it? And I know it’s not “storys”, so why am I getting red underlines every time?



Sorry you weren’t scared out of your wits Tina

What about ‘missing’ with James Nesbitt…another great actor. Have you been watching that?

Really enjoying that one too but it’s gone on too long for me, I want to know how it ends. Last one on Tuesday!



i watched “remember me”. the first episode was very slow but i put it down to setting the scene.

really was worried about that young girl and her little brother.

i didnt think the series had ended though. hmmmmmm! was the ending so weak??

james nesbitt is brilliant in “the missing”.

i’ve also been watching him in “babylon”.

it’s a deal breaker if he is in anything then i’ll be watching it.

he played a neurological surgeon a while ago, in “monroe”.

as for ghost stories, my youngest sister is really into ghost stories from the local area.

so these ghosts are all from wigan - eating ghostly pies!! (wiganers are known as pie eaters).

i watched “let the right one in”. vampire who goes after bullies!

i originally saw that in swedish and i preferred it to the dubbed in american version that was on last night.

“the woman in black” was built up to be the must see ghost story, so i bought the book which was scary.

the film was tosh though. when the woman in black eventually made her appearance, she screamed!

the book was more about cranking up the suspense.

good thread this blossom

carole x

No, I haven’t been watching - put off mostly by the inevitable McCann comparisons. It didn’t sound like my cup of tea, but I accept I might have been wrong, and missed something really good.

I’ve been watching “Intruders”, which was a sort of occult thriller, but a bit heavy on the mindless violence at times (like a lot of American shows). And had a bit of an inconclusive ending - obviously paving the way for future series, but it’s not clear if any have been or ever will be commissioned, which makes it a bit of an unsatisfactory conclusion, as a lot of threads are left dangling - to be taken up next time, but no good if there won’t be a “next time”.

I’m trying to think of a TV drama I’ve really got into, lately - oh, The Fall - but if you were scared by Remember Me, you definitely won’t like that - it’s about a serial killer. And only one episode left to go, so a bit late to get into it if you hadn’t already, anyway. It’s had a lot of criticism for its depiction of the actual crimes against women - and I agree it’s not “nice” or comfortable viewing - but it isn’t meant to be. It’s scary because the killer (I’m not giving much away here, because you always know who he is) isn’t some mindless yob, but an intelligent, educated professional - a family man. You think: “Yeah, I would like him - he’s quite plausible, quite tasty; I would’ve got taken in!”



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So agree with you about “Let the Right One in” - I saw the original Scandi one, and couldn’t be bothered to watch another pointless American remake. Why do they have to do that?

The review damned it with faint praise, saying something along the lines of: “Nowhere near the original, but not as bad as you might be expecting!” LoL! Thought I’d give it a miss.



I watched ‘monroe’ carole, that also was an excellent drama. He is just so good and believable in all his parts.

It’s not that I’m easily scared Tina…I’m tough yah knows I just don’t like all this horror and gore. I like a good story, with mystery and it must have an happy ending-that is essential for me

I love to watch the Dracula movie starring Gary Oldman as Dracula. With Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins. Watched a few times now.

It’s scary but I feel so sorry for him and he goes back to his love one in the end


I didn’t watch it Noreen but I definitely believe in ghosts and have had personal experiences of them being around too. I feel another thread coming on.

Shazzie xx

I believe in ghosts/spirits Shazzie too.

Things I experienced as a child would be quite scary for some people.



I agree and love a good ghost story.

I am going back a few years but do remember stories shown on TV over Christmas time.

They were by M.R. James: ‘Lost Hearts’, ‘The treasure of Abbot Thomas’ and my favourite ‘Oh whistle and I’ll come to you my lad’


BOO! To you Jen

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l thought ‘Remember Me’ was brilliant. Had to record it as sunday evenings we always have friends join us for dinner. Also, Missing - rather more horrific then ghostly. But really excellently acted. My OH - does not like the ‘time change’ in Missing. Sometimes it is in the present - then it flashes back to the actual abduction years before.

The Fall - has been another super series - and another l record - so l can watch when l want - and pause if the phone rings or someone knocks the door - or l might need to dash to the loo.

l have a little magic black box by the TV that you can record series or single programmes - it is made by Goodmans - and was the best £40 l spent.

My choice in library books are usually detective/mystery genre. Running out now as l have read so many. Just found another author Claire McGowan - and her book Lost. Shall be looking for more. Tess Gerritsen is another favourite.


have you read any patricia cornwell?

there are a few regular characters in the kay scarpetta series. one is an FBI agent called benton welsby and i fancied him!!!

ain’t books great??

carole x