Getting wet

After so much tennis yesterday, I actually went to the supermarket before the end of that amazing gladiatorial semi-final between Isner and Anderson. Guess what? I was still going when I returned. It was a bonus. When I went to leave the supermarket the heavens had opened so I waited under the awning to see if would stop.

Naturally, I didn’t want to risk the electrics of the chair in such a heavy downfall.

What did make me laugh was the antics of Joe public.

Some were having a real laugh dancing through the growing puddles. One lady was walking calmly with a bag for life on her head. But as for the cowards? I wanted to shout “it’s only water. It’s not toxic. How long will it take to change your shirt and trousers?”

Well, l the rain eased off so I made my half-mile dash. It was still damn wet though and I was saturated. Hey ho! Such are life’s ironies. It took me twenty minutes to change.

Where’s my umbrella? Oh wait, I can’t hold one and use my joystick at the same time.


You can get a 2.5 metre fishing brolly from Ebay for £30. That tilts & has multi fittings. It would be funny to see a huge green umbrella, with side awning, tearing through town at 4mph. It would look like a super hero. People would tag along to keep dry & your joystick + electrics, would all be protected. You could even stop, for a spot of fishing in the puddles. Terry

As Steve says you can’t drive and hold an umbrella. My off roader actually comes with one - which fits between your legs (not best look with a skirt) and I tried it in snow. Bloody thing blew inside out. So there I am, side of the road, inside out brolly, struggling to get the darn thing out of its fitting in the middle of a blizzard. Since then its full on waterproofs, wellys and ski mask - BUT NO BROLLY

Hi Steve

We missed any rain yesterday and today has been very hot and humid. Can’t wait for the rain to arrive here, although I should be careful what I wish for, as 10 miles away from us yesterday they had floods!

I should give the brolly a miss by the sound of others experiences.

Pam x

I have a clear umbrella permanently at the side of my chair it’s a Cath kidson one that is dome shape and i manage to wedge it and lughtly hd on with left hand Frazer is attached to my chair with a zigzag clip and a lead with rings on it so I font need to hold him and my control is are on the right. I’ve managed this way for a while the clear umbrella me and I can have it over me but see through it and it’s very strong and virtually wind proof. Fulton make this umbrella the design on mine is ducks. My last one was spots and was from the Fulton website they are more expensive than normal but well worth the money. I’ve had an umbrella from mobility shops in the past but it wasn’t any good for me I like the way i can see through mine. Michelle and Frazer xc