Getting scooter for the office

Having worked through various options of how to get from my car to the office, my employer has agreed (with the help of the ATW process) to buy me a scooter to use in the office. All I need now is for them to provide me with a dedicated space in the under-ground and a power point. Finally looking forward to be able to get about again - will even be able to get out for a whizz about at lunch-time!

I think that’s just wonderful !!! Well done you .

Pat x

Brilliant! You should get some tinsel on the handlebars and a L plate for the 1st week. Enjoy being mobile at work

That’s brilliant, it will make all the difference to you!!

I too used a scooter to get about when I worked at Gatwick Airport, it meant I could stay in my job for years longer than I would have been able to otherwise. My employers were fantastic, and for a good while I was able to walk from the carpark to my office, just using the scooter in my travels around the airport. Sadly I couldn’t say that BAA was fantastic when the time when I could no longer do the walk and needed a place at the carpark to keep and charge the scooter. It was a real battle which went on for months and months - they couldn’t have cared less. (They were not my employer but as they owned the airport it was they who had to sort this out).

If your employer owns the car park then it should be a doddle for you, if they don’t, then good luck! But enjoy your scooter, it’ll help you enormously.