Getting cash!

Hi gang, It’s weird how you can get absolutely everything on the internet except cash!

So difficult if you can’t get out.

I was thinking, you know how you can order foreign bank notes and have them sent through the post? There should be a service for disabled people to order cash through the post. Must be other people who have a problem too… people in remote areas for instance.

Very difficult sometimes because even if I can’t get out I still need cash for cleaner, milkman etc etc.

Just a random thought… but there’s a hole in the market which some enterprising bank should fill.

Dull and mild in London. Occasional sunshine.

Love to all,

Pat xx


I like your style Mr TicTac . My neighbor pays the window cleaner by PayPal online


Brilliant sunshine here in Margate


Brilliant idea for someone to take up.

Pam x

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You’ve definitely hit on a hole in the market. My Grandma used to give me her card and Pin so I could get her cash out when she was frail and I hated it but didn’t want to suggest her asking her carers to do it as there was no continuity, always someone new. I wonder if you can speak to the bank and have a set up where you can nominate someone to collect money for you, like we can get someone to collect our meds from the chemist??? Surely something like this must be in place.

Living in a tiny village we used to have to go to the nearest town for money, which is 4 miles away, but now we can use the post office and the corner shop has a free cash machine now too, but we have no bank nearby. Very frustrating!

Cath x


Interesting thoughts Pat, we all need cash at some point. I pay my window cleaner by transferring the money into his bank account I believe he encourages most people to pay him this way…oops I think I forgot I’ll have to go check!

Jan x

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You have pointed out a real need. l do pay my milkman with a cheque - as l never have the correct change. But to get to the ‘hole in the wall’ - l have to get to the next village. lf l drive - it means taking my rollator with me - getting it in and out of the car to go and the same to get back. So, l usually take the scooter and dogs and make an outing of it. This way, l can get right up to the cash machine and reach it easily from the scooter seat. My two Rotties make sure that nobody can mug me!!

They would be licked to death!!

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