Getting around the office

Hello everyone!

I have had neurological symptoms for 13 years and finally I am getting around to having an MRI and hence a diagnosis. The neurologist I saw recently told me that, in his opinion, the probability that I have MS is around 80%.

I have used hiking poles a lot for walking in the hills and, more recently, around town. They help me enormously, as my lateral stability isn’t fantastic.

The problem I have presently is in the office: When I stand up after sitting, even for a very short time, my lower back is very stiff. It helps just to stand still for a moment, but sometimes walking just to the printer seems like a challenge. Using hiking poles in the office doesn’t seem like a great solution… Does anyone have any ideas? I thought a cane might help, e.g. one of those Leki Wanderfreund ones. This might be a little more unobtrusive than hiking poles and I’d have a hand free to open doors etc.

Any tips, ideas or similar experiences would be of interest to me - thank you!

Gosh they are expensive! (I Googled Leki Wanderfreund because I didn’t know what it was)

I think any aid that helps give you stability or confidence is the thing and to heck with “obtrusive” Having a stick at work is a great way to open up the debate with ones colleagues.

My personal experience of a stick in the workplace was finding somewhere to put it so it didn’t clatter to the floor or where others wouldn’t trip over it. In the end I put a rubber band round the handle so that it would “grip” the wall and not fall over


I use a Leki Wanderfreund stick - one of the poles with a handly that can be used as a stick or extended to use as a pole

It’s quick easy to get it to the right height for what you are doing at the time. I used to park down a steep hill from work so it was really useful to collapse the stick going uphill and extend it going downhill.

I would recommend one above the cheaper ones you can get which let you adjust the height in fixed ammounts. If you use a stick a lot you really need to have it at the correct height so you don’t get back problems. That’s my view anyway.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond and for your perspectives! Have a good day.

Is it too late to say I use a fold-up stick (two, matching on a bad day). You can fold them in half to keep them out of the way.

Thank you Sewingchick! I’m very happy I found this website with helpful people to ask about things like this. :o)

Hi, I cant recommend anything really, but just want to say that whatever you find helps you and keeps you safe is far more inportant than worrying what your office colleagues might think or say. Keep safe!

luv Pollx

Thank you very much - this really makes sense and gives me courage! I have fallen twice in the office and really want to avoid this happening again if I can. On some days when I am hot and tired my legs are like jelly and I feel very insecure just walking over a perfectly smooth floor! On other days, I’m fine. It’s just so unpredictable and it would be good to have a stick there if I need it. I suppose the first time using it will feel strange, but I will remember what you have said here!