Get off my face!

It’s been a day long chant from the rioting kids off school & outside.

I’ve been in stitches & it reminded me, I must remember to set my sampler up. It could be a hit!

The screaming tone, needs turning down. Yet it has potential.

I do apologise for not fancying the 30 stone mother. The joys of PPMS.

Take it easy out there folks & buy some ear plugs.

Terry tone deaf

Terry, I used to love the first weekend of the school summer holidays. It was as far away from work as it could be. On the last day I would walk up to the school gates with my class and laugh at the anxious faces. “All yours know,” I’d say.

And now?

It can’t go fast enough; especially living next door to a stressy mother, two loud sprogs and a non-entity of a father.

NOISE NOISE NOISE. They don’t do days out.


-Greetings Steve,

I live a couple of hundred yards away, from what used to be a fantastic park.

Tennis, bowling, a skaters circuit, kids play area, fishing & boats on the lakes.

Every so often, there is a carnival & bands playing. It strikes me as odd how they target, playing on the grass outside the living room window. Parking up to get stoned & fly their drones. Thankfully, I can get in my car & drive until my legs give up. To go anywhere I choose. It’s sad how all I hear, is how bad it is for them financially & how they wish they had PiP.

So caught up in other peoples lives, they forget they’ve got one to live. Ignoring the genuine health problems people have & only interested in what they want. Greed, is quite obviously, their biggest problem. And I’m apparently selfish if I show no interest in their drunken brawls. Or their financial, drug fuelled insanity.

Claiming it’s a tough life in prison. Like I’m supposed to care.

Their argument is, if I had PiP, I would go to KFC every day.

There’s dumb & ignorance in a mixed bag of bull crap. Total lunatics!

Born & raised with music videos as their role models & make believe parents.

Apparently I’m lucky & from their point of view, I am indeed. Who would want to be a compus-mentus teenager?


Eating KFC everyday wouldn’t be a nutritious diet for anyone!

Just shows the mentality of the morons.

Move on Terry, allow them to dominate your thoughts no more or they still have you chuck!


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Hello Terry , I hope that they calm down a bit. I suppose they are all just so excited to have broken up for the summer. We have a primary school near us , my children used to go there, I always love hearing the children playing . We back on to a park but it’s only a small one and the children playing always seem well behaved. I must admit I feel sorry for the year 6 children leaving to go to secondary school. They are so naive and are going into a completely different environment. My 14 year old loved primary school but she doesn’t like secondary school, it’s a shame because she’s clever and works really hard but there is a lot of negative influence there and parents who don’t encourage their children to work hard or show respect. My 16 year old has Autism and goes to a special needs school she loves it, the classes are smaller and the young people are amazing and so polite and the teachers are lovely . It’s astonishing to see such a difference in schools. I hope you have a nice summer Terry and perhaps you will get some inspiration for your music. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile

Thanks for the sentiments folks. I’m more concerned how & why the kids are interested in my finances. Playing in my garden, isn’t a biggy. Theirs is full of dog crap. I was thinking of getting a rifle. Being unable to be parented by idiots, isn’t my problem either. I wont be falling for the, I’m a parent & got 6 kids stories. I’m the youngest of 7 myself & life is tough. It’s how they get their information, from the local gossip squad that concerns me. They should join the cadets & go to boot camp. It was awesome, from what I can remember. If I hear of another taxi driver getting a 12 year old girl pregnant. I might turn into Charles Bronson.

My introduction to PPMS has been a nightmare. I know it’s because my local GP was well connected & at fault. He knows it too. Why folks are determined to get me sectioned is a mystery. It’s like they are trying to clear the area of English folks & drag people down to their mentality. Hug hug doe. Need KFC & a Macky D. I know my destiny.

They’re playing in my garden right now, at 9:20pm & denting my car with the ball they are throwing.

Maybe it’s because I refuse to catch their parents Taxi & buy weed to fund their existence.

I know they want my music equipment & to be on a YouTube video, to talk their crap. They won’t do it from their own home, because it will bring trouble to their door & butter wouldn’t melt, I’m sure. They’re now admiring the dents, they’ve made & I must voice my opinion…


jeremy kyle has to get his show from somewhere!

shame it’s from near you.

can the police not help?

c x