Generalised symptoms ms?

I’ve finally had my mri today so hopefully will get some answers but it’s such a long time to wait and I just wondered if my symptoms fit with ms. I have slot of symptoms but they are all over not any particular area. As follows: Muscle Twitches. Main ones are on my eyelid, calves and back but can be random too. Mostly just annoying but on the time of month I seem to get one down there that is very painful! Muscle spasms. So far this has been on my right calf and around my back and rib area. This can vary from being uncomfortable to pretty painful. Fatigue. Just seem to be very tired varies daily/weekly My cognitive skills and memory are affected. Have trouble finding the right word and saying incorrect words. At it’s worse I had a period of dysphasia that lasted just over a week and I just would not communicate at all it was do frustrating. Now I have seen a neurologist but they didn’t really tell me much. She was concerned about my toe/feet reflexes but everything else seemed normal. But she booked me in for MRI but I don’t really know what she was looking for. When I have looked it up online the only two things that have kind of fit are MS and Issacs syndrome But I’m not sure it can be ms if my symptoms are all over and not sure the dysphasia fits with the issacs symdrome. So I’m in limbo really and wanting to find some answers for myself to hear be up for the next stage.

Sorry just realised how many typos I made in that post!

Don’t worry about typos, it happens to everyone. :slight_smile: I wish I had answers for you, but I’m in limbo land as well. I’m hoping you get answers soon. :slight_smile:

hi peanuts

i have learned that ms is such a weird condition.

symptoms seem to appear from nowhere and then go away or maybe stay (if they like you!).

so now you need to settle in for the reasults of your MRI which i hope are good.

give yourself a break now, do something that will distract you from the worry.

i find that a good book or film helps. so does good company.

carole x

Just wanted to thank you for your responses and update that my scan was clear!

So I guess that means more tests to work out whats going on but ms is unlikely, but i might stick around for a while until i have a diagnoses as these forums seem the closes thing i can relate to right now.

I am slightly concerned that the neurologist I saw and the one that wrote up the MRI results was a specialist dr. and not a consultant is this usual? Plus the MRI was just of the head without contrast and I’m wishing it was of the head and spine with contrast, to put my mind completly at ease. Even so I feel a lot happier that its much less likely it is ms and obviously a relief that where are no tumours but with a slight worry that I’m going to have to repeat the process with a consultant somewhere along the line if i don’t get answers as im not sure its completly ruled it out but obviously alot less likely.

It looks like I’m going to be referred to rhumatology to see if they can provide some answers for now and an ear,nose and throat to look at why I’m having so much trouble with my ears (constant ear infections since last december)

I hate this limbo game I had another relapse last month which effected walking and my vision (due to my eye twitch actually forcing my eye shut! hoping dr. can botox it!). Everything just takes so long, being referred, waiting for results, being re-reffered etc.

Ive had a blood test ordered for hughes syndrome 3 weeks ago and just had a lovely phone call from my gp to tell me in her words " Im sorry to be the one to bring you this news" blood pressure through the roof, life flashing before me!! Then she proceeds to tell me i need to repeat the blood test as the nurse cocked up. I was so relieved that she must of thought i enjoyed blood tests. But its just fustrating how long everything takes.

I did think about going private until i have a diagnosis but because the dr is about to refer me all over the place I can see that becoming a huge debt.

My optician wrote to my GP this week to express concerns maybe that will help speed things up!