Gait retraining

Hi has anybody every had gait retraining? And if so does it work…I suffered a drop foot last April and although much improved I still walk weirdly with a heavy slap of my foot and sometimes trip up I don’t know if maybe I’m still in the mindset of walking quickly which my leg doesn’t get and lags behind somewhat!! Thanks Emma x

Hi sounds like a typical dropped foot action.

Not sure if this could be rectified without aids of some kind.

I suffered with foot drop very early on in my journey.

FES wasnt around then (or I didnt know about it), plus there is something called Foot-up…a brace worn round the ankle and foot, i think.

Think it would be useful to see a physio…they may be able to help.

luv Pollx

Hi poll I have an fes and its ok once you get it all wired up! But a bit of a pain to get in the right position…my foot drop is much improved as I had complete paralysis of my foot at beginning so am thankful for that and of this is as good as it gets then that’s fine but if I can do something which will improve further that would be even better. Emma x

Hi there, I too have footdrop and have tried the FES which had me hopping round the kitchen and also the foot up which didn’t do much for me. I now have a SAFO which is a silicone ankle foot orthosis. I was lucky to get referred on the NHS and have one made to measure from a plaster cast. It has improved my walking and confidence a lot. I would recommend it. Here is the link to the company that makes the SAFO

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I’ve just got afoot brace which is useful. It is very much about what suits you however. I can sympathise with the whole walking issue. I just had to accept that normal walking was a thing of the past. It took me many years and falls to accept this. Now if I fall it takes a military style operation to get me up again!

Best wishes, Steve.

I have just had an assessment with a neuro-physiotherapist to try to help me with my gait. She has given me some exercises to do to try to strengthen the bits of my weak leg that do work, and to encourage me to walk as normally as possible instead of everything being pulled out of whack as I do it the easiest (i.e. wrong) way. Time will tell whether it does any good, but the things she has given me to do really feel right. She is really good and actually does understand that, when you have permanent MS damage, some bits of you just aren’t either receiving or transmitting, and there’s nothing to be done about that. I’m feeling hopeful that getting advice won’t have been a waste of time and money.



Thanks for advice everyone I’m seeing my physio in the next couple of weeks so hopefully she can suggest some technique that’ll help…Emma x

That happened to me Emma. I was referred to neuro physio and given a foot up which helped a great deal. Also got shoe inserts as I also suffer flat feet, which gave me a better walking gait. I still wobble about and my right foot still slaps but not as bad and Im much more stable now Ive done my core muscle exercises given by neuro.

Ask to be referred to one and Im sure youll get help to walk more confidently and correctly. Our body imagine seems to disappear when our walking is off, I feel much more confient now Ive had help.

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D’you know, I have often wondered if some of this is physical memory - that we overlearn how to walk like this and keep doing it? If I really think about it I can go a little while normally, then either my balance lets me down or my recent physical memory tells me I shouldn’t be walking normally and something kicks in and over I go. Stairs can be a game too but sometimes I try to control it and I can do better. Then sometimes I realise I’ve been doing something normally for a little while and the realisation dramatically puts me off and suddenly I can’t do it any more.

Standing in a queue can give me trouble but worse when I think about it.

I have long suffered with vertigo and I hate standing on an underground station platform as the train comes rushing in. This sets things off and I need a stick then. But I seem to be better when I’m not thinking about it.