Gabapentin shortage

I have just come back from the chemist empty handed after being told there is a national shortage of Gabapentin.

I was told by the pharmasist to come back next week and hopefully they will have some in, i only have a weeks worth left…so let’s hope so…really don’t fancy being cut off :frowning: Thought i’d let you all know incase your running low :slight_smile:

Does anyone understand what causes these shortages, is it a basic supply and demand fault or something else entirely?


Hi Leora

I never understand what causes these shortages either. It happened last year with one of my son’s psoriasis creams and it was a real nuisance. For a couple of months we had to keep ordering it well in advance of when he ran out so that the pharmacy could have time to obtain some. If we had left it until he was desperate he would’ve been left without any and would have been very sore and itchy.

I wonder if anyone else can shed any light on it?

Tracey x

It is usually down to a problem with the licencing of the product (or even just an ingredient).

I had to wait a couple of days last renewed prescription.

One problem is that the pharmacy can only supply what is prescribed (like they cannot dispense 2x150mg tabs against a script that says 300mg). Ask what strength the pharmacy has/can get, and then ask the GP to prescribe those.

But, I’m glad you raised this point - I’m down to two weeks supply.


Thanks for that Geoff, happy to help. A life without gaba is not one i would wish on others! I will speak to the GP about getting the perscription changed if i have no luck on Monday.

Tracey - luckily you sound organised, i do most things in a chaotic frenzy, will have to start setting alarms on my phone! x

Luckily I have a supply, but that’s not a good drug for a pharmacy to run out of as you are not allowed to just stop taking gabapentin due to side effects.

I take 900mg Gabapentin 3 times a day so imagine my horror when 4 weeks ago while waiting for my pharmacy to renew my prescription they rang and said it couldn’t be fulfilled. I’ve read on this forum before about drug shortages but it didn’t affect me. My pharmacy were brilliant in trying to sort this out by offering different alternatives and working with the GP practice, but the first option was to give me the paper prescription so I could trawl around all of the Chemist’s to see if could be fulfilled. It was eventually sorted and I ended up with a mix of 300 mg and 100mg to get the right dose. I must admit I panicked as to what I’d do if none could be found so I’m hoping this is shortage is sorted for when I need more .

There is a national shortage as the manufacturing of Gabapentin has been taken over by another company. Ask your pharmacist to order the branded Neurontin 100mg from Unichem wholesalers. You may have to take extra capsules to make up to your doses. I ordered some for one of my patients yesterday. In the case of MS patients you may be using it for spasticity or peripheral neuropathy, in this instance there is another alternative and may be prescribed by your GP until the supply is resumed. Hope this is of help