G.P and brain scan report.

Hi all, I’ve just had my brain MRI scan at the weekend. The report is going direct to my G.p, this is the first time he will of received reports, as before the were sent to the neuro who I no longer see. The problem is he has only been G.p for 3 years. I am concerned he will not understand the radiologists report, I can’t see another g.p, already tried they keep bouncing me back to mine. So if my g.p doesn’t understand it, then what does he do? Thanks

I think that which ever way you look at it you have to see the benefits of having a GP who’s only three yeas into practice. All GPs are general practitioners and therefor there is no guarantee that any GP is really going to understand it. But we have to put our trust in them that if they don’t know they will find out and that faced with something that you are unfamiliar with you will do your best to compensate for that lack of knowledge and therefor giving a possible better service. What abut asking him of hisexperience with these reports before possibly pre judging him as having no or little experience at reading such reports. I expect that the GP will be encouraged about your honesty. Lets hope and good luck Yvette

I’d not worry about his inexperience. I would say that quite possibly he’s the best one to speak to. He’ll have knowledge fresh in his head and will still has the enthusiasm that some older doctors won’t have Mine is fairly fresh and he’s been absolutely fantastic. Best doctor I’ve ever had Anyway big hugs and hope he’s as good as mine. The MRI report I’ve seen for me isn’t too complicated so I’m sure he’ll be able to understand it Mick

Hi Melnic,

I think you need to cross that bridge when - IF - you come to it. Not just assume your doctor wouldn’t be able to understand.

In a way, I would almost say it doesn’t really matter if he doesn’t fully understand it. I’m sure the letter will make quite clear if further investigation/intervention is required. General practitioners are just that - general. They’re not supposed to have detailed understanding of every possible thing that could go wrong with you. But if the findings do indicate you need to be referred back to a neurologist, I’m sure they will have enough understanding to realise that. A GP wouldn’t be in charge of treating brain abnormalities anyway, so all he’s got to decide is: (a) It was fine - no further mileage in that line of investigation, or (b) it wasn’t fine - needs referral to an appropriate specialist. I’m sure he won’t be so clueless he can’t distinguish between a report that says: “No problem, everything was normal”, and one that says: “We found something suspicious.”


I really wouldnt worry about the report, mine said multiple lesions, etc, etc etc, and at the bottom it actually stated that ms was suspected.

Ditto what’s been said already…

My GP had seen my spinal MRI when I was waiting for a neurology referral and when I made a comment along the lines of “so my back’s OK if I don’t need to go back to the spinal unit?” he told me quite clearly and firmly that my spine showed signs of a neurological issue… I didn’t know what this meant but I’m pretty sure now that my GP knew exacly what was going on. He was really, really nice and happy to talk through the other issues I’d gone to see him about and told me not to worry when I apologised for how long it took. It was weird timing as I had the appointment nooked before the spinal unit made all the excuses under the sun NOT to speak to me and refer me back to my GP for onwards referral to neurology.

When I did get my neurology appt, it was no nonsense - he asked and I told him about my walking issues, he literally asked me a few questions then asked for a physical exam, 5 minutes later he dropped the bombshell and that’s when it all started making sense.

I wouldn’t have spotted anything weird with my MRI until he enlarged it onscreen and pointed out all those white dashes!

I think that even GPs do have a pretty good understanding of it all, at my next appointment when I still hadn’t got the letter confirming my diagnosis, my GP was incredible, I felt quite tearful after the appt, he was just so nice to me, I think he expected I’d be far more fragile!

Sonia x