further deterioration


Hi Laura, glad you see why I`ve changed my transfer method.

Thought I`d get told off!

As for a Polly chat…I`m always up for that. Hubby says my gob will never seize up!


Hi Poll

I am so sorry to hear of this problem, but you have to do things the

safest way for you and your hubby, so I think you are doing the right

thing. It sounds like some physio maybe able to help though, got to

be worth a try.

I understand it being a difficult decision for people to make about when

to start using a wheelchair, but I reckon deep down everyone knows when

they feel the need, but I suppose if we can hobble and wobble around somewhat

indoors, its bound to try to retain some strength in legs, but it is a very fine line

in being safe or not.

Everyone admires your resilience Poll, no one will think you are giving in.

Take care

Pam x

Thankyou Pam.

Your words help.

luv Pollx

I think you have made a great decision to use your hoist, if it is safer and easier for you and your husband then that has to be the way forward, it is most definitely not giving in. Cheryl:-)

I just want to say how all your replies have helped me today, with the huge decision i have made.

Hubby didnt look to impressed when I told him…despite a near nasty accident yesterday.

But having said that, we have rarely agreed on anything I do or say.

My morning carer also says it is the best way forward.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I think this is the best decision. I am learning through talking to you and others on here that changing the way me and Rachael handle things can be the difference between having a good day or having a stressful day in which Rachael ends up in tears and feeling a failure. You have had a long time and a lot of challenges to deal with and work out the way foward, we are just at the start of this learning curve and reading how you and others handle it can be all the difference between accepting the challenges, working through the challenges and finding new ways to do things easier for us as we realise it’s not giving in or being a failure to make changes to every day tasks. You also give a lot of inspiration by being so upbeat about all the changes in your life. I know there are probably times when you want to scream, rail against it or feel sorry for yourself but in the short time I have been using these boards I have not seen it. How do you do it? Thanks again for everything. Linda xxx

Poll your safety is paramount and so the decision to use the hoist is certainly not giving in. Can you imagine what might happen to you or hubby when it really could be avoided using the hoist. You must still see what a physio has to say though. Here’s a hug hinny. (((((. ))))) Linda xx

Cheers you 2 Lindas!