furniture woes, not ms!

Trying to buy some decent usable furniture but seems impossible! We bought a sofa from SCS, seats way too deep, had to go, bought from Leekes, seats gave way, they were supposed to send new…from Italy, they didn’t after 16 + weeks, so they said they would get them from Wales(?) so had another 5 weeks and then said they couldn’t so gave us a full refund upon which we ordered from Next, they delivered on Friday, totally different to the display model, cushions like concrete and depth of seat 14", no good for 6’3" husband, so they are collecting that tomorrow (Sunday)…yet again left with no furniture and not likely to get any before Christmas…only plus side to this is that every item is getting steadily cheaper! Only want something to sit on! we have got two fairly comfy chairs at least, one which belongs in the bedroom, Have to say Next customer service have been brilliant even though we had to have 3 goes at getting a foot stool with equal sized legs! Anybody had good experiences and with which company?

Alison x

Hi, yeh I can see your predicament. I got a recliner via an OT, which is comfy and the foot/leg rest is great. Thing is I dont like the colour…royal blue. But beggars cant be choosers and all that I know and I am grateful for getting the chair for nowt!

We also have a 2 or 3 (at a squeeze) blue sofa from Argos. I did order a grey sofa, to match my decor, a few weeks ago. Then found they were doing a bogoff. Normally this would be a wonderful gift, but I didnt really want 2 sofas! But I couldnt resist the offer, so went ahead and ordered, plus a matching foot stool.

Then an on-line order attracted £100 off! What could be better! I was given a date and started asking family and friends if they`d like my old sofa…nobody wanted it. I was planning to send my recliner back to NHS stores.

Then I was concerned the sofas would be too big for the room and getting my wheelie past them.

Some weeks after I`d placed the order, I got a call telling me they couldnt deliver until 3 weeks later than the original date.

I just said, Ok. Please cancel the order. They did. Then I realised it would be better to keep the old sofa and recliner. I know I am comfortable in my chair, so that was that. I can always buy grey throws, eh?Sorry my reply has been long winded, but I wondered if the Argos bogoff would interest you?

luv Pollx