hello i have not been here for a while and i needed time out i wanted to asl as anyone been told you have ms and then years later told you have FND i get no support ot treatment and now my epilepsy consultant is saying my epilepsy will never be controlled as fnd causes non epileptic seizures so they are reducing my meds and my epilepsy is not controlled so im scared and confused and despite contesting his decsion with PALS he going ahead with his plan and i have had my vascular referal stopped for the same reason i have fnd so why bother it also effects circulation i now think there using FND as a cop out of treatment due to cost on facebook there is a forum and im not the only one suffering any ideas


I’m sure some people might have an MS diagnosis changed to FND, but there would have to be pretty solid evidence to support this and I can’t believe that it happens very often. Do you have a clear MRI and negative LP? A negative clinical exam? If you say no to any of this, a diagnosis of FND is worth challenging. Otherwise, it is definitely possible that you have FND. Have you looked at It’s a really good source of info on FND. If it doesn’t sound right, and/or you have positive test results, you should definitely be asking for a second opinion.

Your epilepsy consultant is saying that your seizures are caused by a functional neurological disorder? Even if it were true, why would it matter? Seizures need treated surely, whatever their cause??? What evidence is there to support your epilepsy diagnosis? Is there anything for/against that cannot be argued with? Have you asked for a second opinion?

What was the vascular referral for? I’m confused why a vascular referral would be stopped because of FND - how are they related?

Sorry - I’ve asked more questions than I’ve answered, but I’m really confused by your post. Perhaps people would find it easier to help if you give more info?

Karen x