Functional medicine..

Any one looked at functional medicine? Mxx


never heard of it but first instinct is that its american?

will look now…


I wouldn’t bother with it… Functional medicine - Wikipedia


You are both right, (1) it is American (2) I’m not going to bother with it.

Take care and be safe, Mx

hiya again its just another/different label for some things that i am already doing/interested in. we already have access to all the people only under different labels-dr, pharmacist,osteopath, reflexologist, etc etc etc… at least we can choose which labels are of interest (or not)to us! ellie

Functional Medicine is definitely worth exploring. Please see Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls, a Clinical Professor of Medicine, Doctor and patient diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. She was resigned to life in a zero gravity wheelchair until she engaged with Functional Medicine and now works full time as a doctor, rides horses and completed an 18 mile bicycle tour.

Enter a complete cynic…

I keep reading about different cures. Give up gluten. Eat clean. Try the paleo diet. Have cucumber for breakfast, brocolli for lunch and chocolate for evening meal and you’ll live forever. This woman has lived for 20 years symptom free…pay us lots of money and we’ll tell you how…

I personally think all this is bullshit.

I was told in 1980 - when I was 20 years old - that I probably had MS. It was one hell of a shock to the system but given that I couldn’t do anything about it, I decided to just live my life.

THIRTY SIX years later I was diagnosed with MS. In the interim I had very few symptoms.

I was SO lucky!!!

We are all different. MS is different for everyone. No one will ever have the same experience as someone else.

There is NO cure.

If different diets make you feel better/more hopeful etc then go for it and the very best of luck to you.

Don’t expect everyone to share your beliefs though.

(2nd rant of the day)

Juls :slight_smile:


Oh I like it Juls. My thoughts exactly. [removed by admin] Each to his or her own, but essentially there is no wonder cure. I wish there were.


Considering every other comment on this forum, that I’ve seen so far, makes me feel helpless and hopeless I’m out. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for criticism as long as it’s constructive an well informed. Sadly that does not seem to be the case. I’ll leave you to continue patting each other on the back in response to every put down.

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oh-no pats for me…

ellie the invisible one! (i did say that i was already doing bits of it-just not under that label)

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Marvellous, you hit the nail on the head. As wiki says “quackery”!! By all means eat healthy, common sense really, but chargeing ppl who are desperate, lots of dosh for some diet which has no grounds in proven science…


please don’t take our healthy scepticism for negative energy. Many of us have had MS for decades and seen diets/fads/quackery/alternatives come and go. Every so often, someone else raises the subject and I usually scroll past, but the wiki link caught my eye. Maybe with age comes not wisdom but cynicism.

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With any type of MS, if anything is called a cure, wonder cure, miracle, evidenced miracle, you won’t believe the change in this person etc etc then like it or not it is pure Hocus Pokus.

Like any magicians trick, it’s in the mind, but certainly is not magic. Sad as it is there are still charlatans wanting to take advantage of the vulnerable.

To Davidhermelin, please be assured you are neither helpless nor hopeless. If anything works for you, then great. The forum is mainly used to glean information and to help each other. Patting backs is our way of encouragement and reassurance.

If this wonder cure has literally worked for Terri Wahls, not just to make her fortune from many of us vulnerable PPMS patients, then good for her. Regretfully, we grab at the slightest lifeline for improvement. I have seen no evidence of her being diagnosed with PPMS, at what age, lesions affecting mobility et al.

In fact a claim to rise from a zero gravity wheelchair to literally get in the saddle to ride a horse and complete an 18mile bike ride, is nothing short of ridiculous! Whoever thought this piffle up laughs loud on the way to their bank.

Hmmm, the Emporers New Clothes comes to mind.I


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