Frustration anxiety... help!

Hi folks. Around 5 years ago I had an ‘isolated attack’ I was numb from chest to feet and then for a few days my hands were stiff and I struggled to open jars etc and couldn’t play my guitar. Since then Iv had the odd tingling feeling in my hands but more recently I had shooting pains up both arms which they put down to ms. I also have a slight tingly feeling almost like a butterfly has landed on the middle of my back. My hands and fingers feel like they have slight pins and needles and I generally feel completely knackered! A few questions…

  1. Is this a relapse? Or because Iv had similar before does it not count?

  2. Should I be resting? Iv already had time off work and Iv got a gig this weekend too, if I generally can manage will I do more harm by carrying on and even exercising or if I feel ok should I just get on with it?

  3. Doctor told me if it gets worse to go see him but atm it’s just staying the same but probably been like it for a couple of weeks now!

since i went to hospital 5 years ago my anxiety has spiralled and has caused me to go in and out of depression I’m so lost I just don’t know which way to turn. One part of me wants to be strong. The other part of me wants to hide away and panicked that it’s going to get worse and worse and I won’t recover!


you say you’ve had similar before but somehow i sense that this time it is worse or you are more worried.

leave a message with doctor’s secretary if you feel the need.

your anxiety may warrant a chat to your gp.

if you feel better emotionally by doing the gig, then do it!

play the gig and enjoy it.

playing your guitar doesn’t go in the same category as work, it’s more a vocation!

i sometimes feel the same panic about getting worse but doing something i enjoy helps.

don’t hide away and deprive the world of your music.

carole x

Thanks for your reply. It’s defentley not worse than before it’s kind of there! Annoying

i know what you mean. my original symptoms are still with me and they are annoying the bejasus out of me. i know i’m lucky that they haven’t got a lot worse but i have to keep on dragging myself back from depression. you keep an eye on that anxiety!

To be honest Blagaman, you might be better off seeing a doctor and even getting a full blown MS diagnosis. Once you’ve heard the words, sometimes the worry dissipates. And you can just learn to live with it.

And then too, you could get a disease modifying drug to help keep relapses at bay.

Meanwhile, it’s unlikely you’ll make anything worse by continuing with life, play gigs definitely if you can. And exercise is really important. If you can cope with doing it, then do it. Just don’t overtire yourself if you already have fatigue. Little and often is the key.

If your gig is tonight, enjoy. If it was last night, I hope it was a blast.