I had to stop taking Copaxane in November because of an allergic reaction and it had been fantastic.I can’t get an appointment with my nuerologist until March to sort out an alternative .

In the meantime I have pins and needles in my legs and am back to using a catheter it feels like one step forwards and three back I feel totally frustrated and so low.

Ellie x

I can’t help as I am not even on DMDs (I was told I am not eligible as I have been diagnosed with CIS), but I just wanted to send you a cyber hug. It seems a bit unfair that you have to wait for a neuro. Why can’t the ms nurse help with this if you have been cleared for DMDs?

Hello Elliebb

3 to 4 month wait to see the neuro after an allergic reaction. I think that is disgraceful. MS is a serious disease and needs to be considered in that way by the medical profession. If you were on Copaxane then he/she needs to pull their finger out and see you straight away.

I agree with Polarbear.

Good luck