Frustrated by NHS/Private medical

Hi All,

Warning- this post will be a rant.

I am extremely frustrated with ‘the process’.

After having been diagnosed privately (and paying 1,200 GBP) I also paid to have the EVP done privately (470 GPB). I had to wait over a month for the private Neuro to send me / and my GP info on the referral he was asking for. (He was asking for me to be referred back to his NHS clinic).

I finally managed to see my GP (after waiting 1 and a half hours in a queue on the phone, and NO ONE picked up the phone!), who eventually agreed to refer me (as requested by the private Neuro).

I then get an appointment at he NHS clinic of this Neuro- only to be sent a letter (WITHIN 24 hours) saying that it’s cancelled and not offering me a new appointment. The letter just said that they would contact me at some point with a new appointment. I don’t know what to do honestly. It’s extremely frustrating. I pay so much money into the NHS and don’t feel like I get anything back- I also have private insurance via work and when I use it, I also get stung with paying for that - as it’s a taxable benefit.

In addition to that- I actually had to pay out of pocket for a private diagnosis (as I had already used my private insurance for the first appointment I got and that Dr just fobbed me off as a ‘high risk’ patient, but not offering anything).

The NHS is a complete joke- and everyone talks about how it is the pride and joy of this country! It would be better if we just had a different system.

Rant over.

Hi, you are completely entitled to a rant…that`s where this forum is a godsend.

Boy! You have paid out a lot of dosh so far

I paid to see neuro back in 2000, as the waiting list then was 10 months.

Then I transferred to the same doc`s nhs list.

but you have got your diagnosis and other folk can take years till that happens…or like me, get a wrong dx for 10 years!!!

Try ringing the neuro`s secretary to chase a follow up appointment…but do it when you feel calmer, or nowt will happen chuck


Hahaha you’re right. I am just so furious. I pay you over 1000 GBP and YOU refuse to send me a letter for over a month- then you actually lie about having sent the letter. But can send me a cancellation letter within 24 hours of giving me an appointment???

LOL you have to just see the funny side of this.