Frozen, not the film, my shoulder!

Just proves not everything is necessarily down to MS.

For many weeks now I’ve been having issues with my “weaker” arm and as time progressed the pain in my shoulder area would be triggered with only the slightest movement and me just cursing this MS sh1t.

But this morning I decided to do something about it and called my GPs surgery, which incidentally started with a phone call at 09:40, callback from GP at 09:51, sitting with him at 11:50, and an appointment for a joint injection next week as it turns out I’ve got a frozen shoulder.

I feel for those that can’t get to see their GP in the same way as I have today, but do believe a lot of the delays comes down to folk blocking GPs time with coughs, sneezes and sore throats instead of going to see the pharmacist.

All the best and happy new year.


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