Frozen Face.

A week or so ago,my mind is not remembering when.

I got up early hours of the morning and struggled out of bed.I went to the toilet and as you do sit down,well I had to get back up I had not put the seat up.Done my buisness.I then thought how did I not notice the toilet seat was down.

I walked into my badroom and I have large fitted mirror wardrobes.

I looked in the mirror and my right eye was tight shut and I couldnt open it,my face looked a little strange I though ya idiot.My left eye is weak I didnt see the lid down on the toilet.A little persuasion my right eye did open.

Then a few times this week my face looked a little strange,last night lets say about 8 pm I went for a bath.I looked in the mirror and  my face would not or could not move,I was frozen,I could not smile and had been struggling to speak all day.My skin looked strangely smooth and pale.It certainly didnt look like me.

I was a little shocked with this.

Has anyone else experienced this frozen face ?

My face is still the same today.I blink but not as often and its a slow blink do you understand what I am saying?

Maybe I am just wiered or is this occuring when MS is raging away or can this happen with mild symptoms?


I think the palsy on my left side has now gone to my face...

I have just chatted to a nurse who works with MS patients,it is the MS causing it and a friend who has growths in her brain has messaged me to say she also gets it.However when I asked the nurse the look on her face was that of shock/horror/sympathy..It appears my MS is so sever at the moment it is doing terrible things to me....

At last two people know what I am going through.


Yes it sounds like facial palsy Charlie and certainly can happen in MS.

I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Hope you feel better soon.



Thankyou Reemz.

Its still there this morning for the third day.I hope it clears up soon I think its horrid.


just hugs & kisses for you Charlie xxxjenxxxbutterfly

Hope things improve for you soon. Sending you big hugs xxxx

Ahh bless thankyou.

I wish things would get better I realy do,but it seems more and more bad days ahead.Ive crashed out on the sofa and didnt know the kids were out playing or even were they were,they are sensible and were in and out...

My legs ,ankle and feet so swollen I cannot get a size 10 jeans on I need a 12-14 to wear at the moment.My hearing is terrible,everything feels very loud.Head fog is terrible.I keep loosing time like I may of crashed while sitting up or just went blank.My life is so muddled at the moment I dont know wether I am coming or going.

I will be glad to have injections I realy realy will,I will do anything just to feel a little better at the moment I dont want to be calling the doctor out again.

My body hurts so bad painkillers dont help,my face is still frozen it does ease a little through the day but it seems when I passout or sleep then wake up my face is back to being wiered,I cannot smile.

Being ignored by family is great to,not one of them offered to put my ramp out for me,they ignored my FB messages and text messages.They do it more and more grrrr I need to scream alas I can hardly string a few words together at the moment.BUT as soon as THEY need something they text,call so on...

At least I have good friends.

Then someone tried stealing my new ramp last night so I had to take it back in.NOT good at all.Realy realy unfare to me,I realy do not deserve this at all.

I am going to ask my friendly PCSO,s for any help with this situation.They did go and speak to the boy who tried to tip me out of my chair and threw things at me the bruises are purple/black....

I just need to get this MS sorted out,get injections then I will fight back just watch me,I used to live in Swansea and have had to face bigger and harder idiots..They will pay for what they are doing,I need to put my CCTV camera up and set record.

Sorry I need a good moan and another good cry,I realy do not deserve this at all.I am trying to impove the community this is why I sugested we have a Tennancy Associatio.Of which I am now ViceChair.Im trying to get a carnaval up and running however a politician again stole my idea,s and passed them off as his own ...



Oh Charlie you really are going through a rough time. I'm so glad you have some good friends round you and of course you have us. Really hope you get your meds and you get back on the med so you can whip those boys into shape and give them what for.X

Thankyou Gokr,I realy dont feel well again,they symptoms may ease a little but then come back more aggresive.I know I got to keep going and that one days soon I will get the full support and help I need and meds just got to keep fighting back.It just makes it harder when idiots live next door to you or kids can be cruel.I rarley moan I laugh at my symptoms and get on with things,now again it bites me..



Aww Charlie I just want to come and give you a big hug xxx

I know how it feels when people desert you because you are ill, I had a lot of that when I got my epilepsy diagnosis and its horrible I was so upset by it. Now though I know the family and friends that have stood by me will be here for good.

I wish I could make things better for you
Take care hunni

Thankyou Nikki.

I will remember the deserters when I am back on my feet.Then lets see who is helpfull,not me I am sorry enough is enough/

Absolutely. I always said they will need me before I need them and I was right and it was tough luck.

Take care and pm me if you want a chat

Thanks Nikki,oh I WILL remember what they have done or should I say NOT done.I will still help others as I am doing,I am now helping two men keep custody of there children and a grandma fighting for her rights to see her grandchild.

Plus my community work,there are people out there who appreciate my help,it seems family just wanted me for there listening ear and to borrow money.Solve there problems and make there many phone calls and sort out there mess they made THEM SELVES...

Oh weel it is there LOSS not my LOSS...

Ive lost nothing except I gain little peace n quite for a change.Thankgod realy when I think about it,less head stress ohh now I am loving that idea.Peace from there constant pathetic moans n groans,nah they best not call again to be honest.