From 100mph to 10

Hi , my symptoms started March 2020 ,finding it difficult to walk feet like walking on cotton wool, having numbness and cramping in feet and legs, now in hands , thumbs jump around, dead spots on legs ,pins and needles in fingers hands feet and legs forgetting things ,could sleep on a clothes line iv always been up at crack of dawn, very dry eyes , and hearing loss with bad tinnitus and have to wear hearing aids, I walk like I’m drunk and in thick mud some days ,if I bend my head down I get shocks in my feet some times it’s bad, arms feel like lead weights hanging from them,if gone from 100mileshr to 10mph. Iv had MRI just awaiting results, I know its not in my head there has to be a answer to it all .

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I hope you can get a diagnosis soon and then maybe start on a treatment. Whether it’s MS or not (and it certainly sounds like it), it’s not in your head, and sooner or later they’ll discover what’s causing it all.

Welcome to the forum, and feel free to ask any questions. Someone here’s already dealt with it.


Hello Jan

Welcome to the forum. I know it’s not a place anyone wants to feel welcome, but given your list of problems, I’m sure it’s a relief to arrive somewhere that there are people who understand your suffering!!

One of the worst things surely must be the timing of your starting neurological problems. It’s probably taken longer than usual to get to see your GP for a referral to neurology. I am assuming that the MRI followed a neurologist appointment? Ie, not come straight from your GP?

On the assumption that the results will come from a neurologist, you will soon have answers to your symptoms and the many questions they’ve given you. But if the MRI was requested by your GP, results won’t give you any concrete answers. Only a neurologist can diagnose MS (or any other neurological disease or diagnosis).

I really hope it’s not too long for your results.



Hi Jan1
Thinking of you as you wait results.
Kind regards

Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

You’ve hit that brick wall haven’t you! 100 reduced to 10 - that’s telling you something too! Stop, rest, give yourself a rest!

I hope you’re feeling better jan we are all thinking of you x