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Hello Everybody, I m new member from France. Please forgive my lacks in English. The diagnosis of MS fell the day of my 40th birthday…nice present. However, treatments in France are not really efficient and I m looking for new therapy. I m disabled and I m using an electric wheelchair. Glad to find this site. Take care of you

Hi Serge, your English is fine, pas de soucis (only french I know!) Your birthday pressie is poop. Anyway, welcome to the MS society, you will get madness, sadness & support, est-ce que tu regards le rugby? Bonne chance! (I looked that up!) xx

Bonsoir Serge

Equally, virtually the only French I know. Welcome to the Forum.

MS is a rubbish present for your birthday.

Do you know if you are diagnosed with relapsing remitting (RR) MS or progressive? Because the drug treatments available differ immensely. And I’m sure that’s true in France as well as the U.K.

If you are RR, you can get a disease modifying drug (DMD) but there are none for progressive forms of MS.

Bonne chance


hi serge

ca va (question mark key fell off|).

as well as the disease modifying drugs, there is LDN Low dose Naltrexone which is not available on prescription but you can buy it for under £20 per month.

google LDN Trust

there is also Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy which is really good.

hope you find out what you want to know.

Carole x

Hello Serge,

You are very welcome to this place.

How can we help you?



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