Free wall insulation and conservitories


I don’t know if you have come across this.

I enquire and arranged, through my energy company, for my house to be surveyed for wall insulation. (if your on a benift such as DLA you are entitled to it)

The first time (yes sorry I have tried 4 times and had my house surveyed each time).

The first time when the workmen arrived they said I hadn’t enough air vents in the out side walls and they could do it for cash.

Luckily I was aware of the place they indicated and pointed out to them that it didn’t need them because in that part of the house it was a solid floor.

Well I told them I would sort it and sent them on their way.

The next two both said that because I had a conservatory that the rear bedroom wall couldn’t be done.

I found it questionable especialy as one of them never even went out side and checked.

I asked the energy company for another oppinion.

Yesterday a gentleman surveyed my house and said there are no problems they had conservatory ladders especialy for the job.

I know it sound I’m being difficult but it will be the only time so I wanted it wright.

So if you have a conservitory and are told that your house can’t have the full house done because of the conservatory, don’t except it because it can.


That’s a shame. I thought, on reading the title, that I might be in with the chance of a free conservatory.

Thought it sounded too good to be true - and it is.

I have quite the opposite problem to them refusing to do it.

I am absolutely plagued by these canvassers, wanting to offer me “free” insulation. I have absolutely no chance of qualifying, and even if I had, it’s a relatively modern house (20 years or so) and was built already with cavity wall insulation, as standard.

Yes, technology may have moved on, but I don’t believe insulation was so poor, back then, that I’d really see a huge benefit from having it all redone. It’s not as if it’s an old, draughty house, that has never had the benefit of any insulation.

To be honest, I don’t want the hassle, even if they paid me. But still they persist, refusing to take no for an answer. I’m convinced it’s some kind of racket - I get so many of them round here calling - there must be good money in it for them. I tell them I don’t qualify, and anyway don’t need or want it. But you can guarantee there’ll be another one round within a week or two.


I had wall insulation carried out for free, a few years back.

We requested a wall insulation survey, as we were going to pay so needed a quote. Surveyor came when I was at work, so my wife stayed at home to see him.

When I returned home, my wife, said we can’t afford wall insulation and handed me the quote, it was


When he was working out his quote, in conversation my wife just mentioned that I had “MS”, his reaction, it’s a good thing you told me, tore, up the original quote, did another one for £00.00, and said all he needed is your husbands national insurance number. The cost to you will be zero.

The work was carried out within a couple of weeks.

That is the one and only thing that I have, ever had paid for. Apart from claming back VAT, on products related to helping my MS.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

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