FREE! South Herts area - mobility stuff!

Still ploughing through my dear late husband’s belongings… does anyone need…

  1. Walking frame - the sort with wheels on the front legs and rubbered feet on the back - you know the sort! I think he used it a handful of times, inside only. It’s shiny silver - aluminium? Quite light anyway, and folds up.

  2. Arm chair raiser - like giant cups that go under the feet of an armchair. Raises it, in the hope that it is easier to get up again!

  3. Metal toilet support - fold up against the wall when not in use. When folded down it’s like an arm rest. This is still packaged and never been used.

All these things were given to us by Social Services - but then they did not want them when they came to collect his other ‘mobility’ aids.

I’m in South Herts - Potters Bar/HAtfield area. Please message me if you need them, and can give them a good home.


Hi Sam, oh it is so good of you to offer these things. Its scandalous the way social services doesnt take this back. Especially when something is still in it`s original wrapping.

If you get no takers, maybe the Red Cross will be able to use them.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Not good of me! Just trying to help someone out!

I have a few places I can offer them to - if there are no takers here, then I will ask the Hospice (privately funded) close to me - they have been very supportive to me and the little people. No wonder there is such a waiting list for items from social services - how many other things are sitting in peoples homes where they can no longer be used? What a waste of public money (social services told me to car boot them! But seems wrong to profit financially from this stuff. Although I could maybe do this then give the money to the MS Society)

As an aside - a friend of mine ran the Brighton marathon just over a week ago to raise money for the Ms Society in Steve’s honour/memory - if anyone is interested they can view her page: