Freaked out by pains in my one side

Hiya everyone . Please can u help me . Today I’m struggling with terrible dull ache down one side . It’s making my toes go numb . Hands are tingling in both sides . Very tired . But I didn’t get much sleep last night as the pain was to much . Just woke up now from nap and I’m still no better . I’m on avonex injections at moment . Yesterday I had fab day . Doc give me tablets to help with my dizzyness . Went out last night for food and few drinks . Really busy out . Had nice time . Could it be from last night or is it start if relapse again Please help it’s driving me mad . Going to try salt bath now and two zapain

Sounds like you maybe overdid it last night?

Also possible perhaps to be a side effect from the new meds?

Probably best to see your GP again - see what they think. If it’s a new symptom then a neuropathic painkiller might help?

I hope it doesn’t last too long.

Karen x

Hi Karen . Yeah I’m thinking I over did it last night . The pain is ok this morning . Area is numb now . At least it’s not hurting min . Thank u for answering me . Hope u have good day xxx