Frazers adventure in Doncaster

Molly my daughter with Autism is amazing she has this wonderful ideas, that usually involve me. The latest one was going to Doncaster…why Docaster …simple Louie Tomlinson from One Direction grew up there. It’s been Molly’s dream for the last few years to one day meet him and fall in love and be swept off into the sunset. It’s so hard reasoning with her she’s bright but her brains wired differently…and as I explained he was so busy with x factor he probably wouldn’t have time to pop into his home town. Still a promise is a promise and I’d promised one time I felt sorry for her that we’d go . The first Saturday we planned to go Frazer pulled a sickle…we spent a morning at the vets …he’d helped himself to stuff from the bin …but i told him “Im sorry Frazer we still have to go” So the following Saturday the 24th of November…black Friday weekend, I don’t know what I was thinking of …we caught the train . I’m so glad we booked wheelchair/ travel assistance the train broke down …and Molly was breaking her heart thank goodness I remembered someone telling me that you can insist on a taxi the train guards were brilliant and after a big scene with Molly we were quickly ushered into a taxi (wheelchair accessable) of course with Frazer lying on the back seat giving me that knowing look…poor Frazer he could be human he gives a long sigh and resigns himself to his fate. At last we were put on the Doncaster train and Molly was so happy she sang all the way there and told the guard he was the nicest man in the world …well not quite Louie Tomlinson is at the top. We had a wonderful day I was exhausted but to see Molly so happy made it for me . We never saw Louie Tomlinson but Molly sang with a good looking busker and shopped in Primark and Claire’s,… all Molly’s favourite shops and Frazer happily joined in marking his territory on the lamp posts …so all the dogs in Doncaster would know “Michelle, Molly and Frazer waz ere!” coming back was a tricky, one train was cancelled and the crowd of Christmas shoppers was huge…I have to say it was quite frightening, I hadn’t thought that out but once again travel assistance came to our rescue and we arrived safely back in Frodsham. It’s taken me all week to get over it. Days lying on the sofa and doing nothing I completely used all the spoons and the next weeks (spoon theory) Molly’s already planning our return but I’ve told her Dads doing the next journey with her , this time in the car. Michelle and Frazer xx


Wow Michelle.

The adventures of a brave loving mum and her trusty companions.

No trains for me for a while.

Love, woof. xx

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awww what an adventure for you both,bless Molly she is so in love with Louie,i remember been in love with David Cassidy i really did think i would marry him one day lol.I hope you recover from it soon you must be worn out.I can just imagine Frazer rolling his eyes lol.

J x

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Aww you will get back there Steve, just give it time .youve been through enough adventures yourself recently, unfortunately they’ve not always been great for you especially this last one …being in hospital all that time and then getting ecoli must have been awful. I hope the rest of the treatment goes smoothly. Michelle and Frazer xx

Aww those were the days Jackie , when we were young and falling in love. My sister liked Elvis Presley and I used to watch all of the film’s with her. I thought John Travolta was quite nice , I loved watching ‘Grease’ I hope everyone is okay in your family. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Lovely to read about your adventures, always

Sonia x

Oh Michelle I have just typed a longish reply and it’s damn well disappeared before I could post it, sorry.

Glad you and Molly had a lovely day, time to rest and recover now…ready for next time!

Hugs to Fraser from Alfie.

Pam x

good adventures