hi all ive heard alot of good things about frampridine, im currently on avonex and have been for 7 months now, can they be taken together or would i have to come of avonex? best regards to all Tony…


I am sorry I can’t answer your question but I would be interested to hear if you can get Fampridine. I hear that its a bit like getting the Holy Graill.

NICE may have approved it but some NHS trusts aren’t prescribing it, something to do with funding.

Can anyone get it?

Yes, you can take them together. I was briefly on a trial for fampradine last year whilst on Rebif. Unfortunately it set off my migraine pretty badly so I had to stop it. If you can get it, I hope it works well for you. Karen x

Hi thanks all for your replys im seing my neuro late aug so ill ask him if i can try it. best regards Tony…