Found out today I have MS

I found out today after a 7 month wait I have MS! I sort of new it was coming but god to I feel shit now I’ve found out! Just keep thinking I’ve got this for life! And dint want to be a bourdon on my friends and family even though there being amazing! Didn’t think I would be this upset about the news! MS journey starts here! Amy x

Hi Amy. Sorry to hear your news but at least now you know for sure so can focus on getting the right help to make you feel a bit better. It is great you have good friends and family around you. take care xx

Hi Amy Just wanted say sorry to hear your news but at least you now know what you have and can move forward with it. It’s threat that you have goof friends and family around you. Are you coping with your symptoms ok?

That should be great not threat!! And good not goof!!

That should be great not threat!! And good not goof!!

Hi amy its not the best thing to hear. I have only found out myself. the words still ring in my ears. stay strong.x

Thank you for the support I’m happy to have a answer it’s just still a shock. Learning to cope with my symptom thank you x

Hi Amy

You say you had a seven month wait, what were your original symptoms? and what led them to your official diagnosis?

Sorry for being nosey, i’m in limbo myself and have a possible MS tag at the moment.

Sorry to hear that Amy, it is a tough one to get your head round… Hope you get some good treatment and support

Sonia x

Hi Amy, sending my condolences too!

It can take months, sometimes even years, for the diagnosis to sink in.

But now you know what you are dealing with, you can feel empowered. Be good to yourself, pace yourself and rest whenever you need to.

Life with MS can still be a good life.

It could be a different life to the one you thought you`d have, but even so, it can be good.

look after yourself.


Hello Amy. I’m pretty new to this journey too. Just hang in there and try and take one day at a time. You’ll find lots of lovely supportive people on this forum. Take care,