found an old buddy!

Hello guys and gals! Well, Ive got out of my sick bed...............still got a thick (steady now) head! Its my first proper cold for years…thought I was exempt!

Reason for post…Zelda lives! She has replied to my post looking for her. We may even be meeting up!

So guys, if you`re wondering about long lost buddies, try just posting their name…worth the effort.

luv Pollx

Wonderful news Poll. Yes others should keep posting and not give up the ghost. I too found a few, not all.

Lets hope those who are long lost are well and coping. Come on you oldies where are you all?



Hi bren, cheers for seconding my motion.

luv Pollx

Hi, I’ve had a break from here, but have realised I missed it, and have come back. Hopefully others will do the same

Lynne x

Hi Lynne, glad to see you back on again!

What have you missed? Virtual all night raves, exotic cruises (which made it past the first 2 hours luckily…no offence to anyone suffering from the Costa cruise ship tragedy),pub crawls, shopping sprees in London, beautiful banquets in wonderful swish restaurants…owt else? Someone else might be able to jog my memory.

luv Pollx