Is it just me or does anyone else get it maybe its a fault with my computer but everytime I read or go into a post I keep getting serveys popping up sayying there from the MS society and some words on the post are highlighted in blue when you move the mouse over them you get a pop up its really ennoying.


Never had this problem myself, thank goodness and touch wood. Don’t know what you can do about it though…

hi mark

i think its something to do with ur computer-not this site cos i had what u describe. my son got rid of the words for me-will ask him later if someone else doesnt reply with an answer for you.


Do you get this kind of behaviour anywhere else, Mark …or is it just on this forum?

As there is no spamware or adware on this site, I’d assume this behaviour happens everywhere which points to your PC being infected !!!

Do you have up-to-date antivirus saftware (…which often includes anti-spamware) ?

Do please let us know.



I get the highlights in blue but no survey bit. I just left click and it goes.

I get that survey come up if I’m not logged-in. So home PC is not a problem as I don’t log out when I close explorer BUT when I take a peak at work and I’m not logged in, that survey always comes up - so don’t panic,I don’t think it’s a fault

Sonia x

Hey Mark are you using chrome?

If you are go into settings and extensions the is a adware malware extenson, what ever its called track it down on your system folder and remove it.

Your have to track it down similar way for firefox or ie. add ons

Because its an extension maleware I know most antivirus won’t detect it.

Be careful if you use a antimalware program not all remove and its easy to manually remove

Try and follow this maybe be as simple ad control panel add/remove programs the survey may be built into a program you installed.

Good luck


I’ve used this program at work as previous person was a nutter and was intalling all them so called tweek and reg clean out tools that don’t work and found the malware in a program called ‘HD video’ in add/remove programs
This had nothing to do with Divx .

Free version is fine and works well at cnet

thanks Hobs I Got it sorted It was adware I disabled my laptop from my hub removed a program that shouldn’t have been there done a whole computer antivirus scan and it seems fine now I was getting the ads everywhere.


Bit after the event now, but there is a legitimate MS Soc. survey that has popped up recently, about our use of the site. I already filled it in once, so was surprised to see it again today. But I may have done it from my iPad last time, which would explain why it doesn’t know from cookies I’ve already done it.

Anitra it was only after doing that legitimate MS society survey I started to notice problems I kept getting surveys saying they where from the MS society. Everything is fine now I have the problem sorted out it was an adware program that installed on my laptop.


YAY… Your welcome