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Has anybody noticed the improved search facility?!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention it!

Greg [admin]

To my shame, I can’t say that I have, but I am sure it will get used when I need it. Thanks.

What would be nice is to be automatically “subscribed” to any post that you add a comment to. I tend to forget that you have to do it yourself, unlike on lots of other forums.



Good point Paul

We’re working through some glitches with email notifications and PMs at the moment but I agree that some form of automation for those who want this would be great.

Greg [admin]

I like it. Nice to be able to search the posts again. Sooooo long since we have been able to do that! One teensy thing though… is it possible to make the actual word “Search” bigger and in the same green as other title words to make it stand out more? I had a heck of a job finding it and searched the main site first. You nearly got a reply saying, “Well that’s bollocks!”

I really like all the improvements… much more user friendly site again :slight_smile:



You have a point Belinda - I’ll ask!

greg [admin]

Thanks for sorting the search tool. It is invaluable. Just one query: Can it be made to search all FORUMS in one go, or does it already do so?

Hi Bob

It currently only works on a per forum basis but there’s clearly some value in being able to search across every forum. I’ll add this to the ideas list.

Greg [admin]