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As you’re no doubt aware we’ve been managing essential maintenance work. It’s possible you’re experiencing issues with the text box (some people are seeing grey- when it should be white).

If you’re using Firefox as your browser, this problem can be remedied by ‘clearing your cache’. This has nothing to do with sweeping out money that you may have stashed under your mattress.

Simple and clear instructions on how to clear the Firefox cache can be found here: How to clear the Firefox cache | Firefox Help

If you use Chrome as your browser, the problem can be remedied by pressing Ctrl and F5 together.

Thanks for your continued patience with this….

Stewart (admin)

No it can’t, I’m afraid, Stewart. Ctrl+F5 does bring up a white reply screen for a fleeting moment, but then reverts immediately to the dysfunctional grey one. Running on Chrome, this is.


And here too!

Sorry. :frowning:

Hi all,

Thank you for letting us know. We’re still looking for a better, permanent solution to pressing Ctrl + F5, as it doesn’t seem to be working for everybody.

Thanks again for bearing with us.

Best wishes,

Steph (admin)

Clearing the Firefox cache brought me a white text box back. However:

1 - The instruction URL does not work every time. My version of Firefox keeps a menu bar at the top, and Options is under Tools.

2 - The text box will still only resize for height.



Message box is white with proper word wrap for me under Firefox 32.0.3 Ubuntu 14.04 64 Bit