Forum Faulty ....Again!!

A Rant:

Sorry folks, but I’m starting to get fed-up with the forum software not working correctly YET AGAIN !!A

This time, logging-out of the forum after reading/posting is not working …leaving you logged in indefinitely.

I’m getting p*ssed-off that this is either badly written (…cheap?) software or that changes are being made without them being successfully tested first (in a test environment) before being applied to the live environment !!

Whatever the reason, I find it rather disappointing that we are still having these problems. (By the way, I’ve tested this on 4 different bits of hardware and 3 different operating systems…no improvement.)

I used to work in IT before I was retired on health grounds, and we used to always have to successfully test any alteration before rolling it out to the live environment.

Is this not being done here and, if not, why not?

If proper testing is being done, someone needs to find out what’s going wrong and fix it once and for all !!

Rant over!


Hi there, Thank you for raising this with us, we shall investigate it fully. We did need to carry out some essential maintenance on the live site yesterday which may have attributed to the issue you are experiencing. Is this instance we were unable to carry out changes in the test environment, but thank you for your concern. Many thanks, Steph (Admin)

Hi again, If anyone is having problems logging out at the moment, entering the following url into the address bar will log you out: Many thanks, Steph (Admin)

Hi all,

The logging out issue has now been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,

Steph (Admin)

I’d like to thank admin for all their hard work, you’re all absolute stars!

Steph and Stewart