Forgot to tell Tax credits of change of circumstances

I have been a total idiot :frowning: My son and I had an arguement in December and he ended up walking out. He had done this a few times before and he tended to turn up again after a couple of weeks. This time he has not and I forgot to notify Hmrc. I had a letter this morning telling me they were doing a check as they have different info for my son. Now I am in a total panic and scared I will go to prison! Has anyone got any advice as I am too scared to call them at the moment. I feel such an idiot…

I think it is highly unlikely you will end up in prison. Speak to the CAB, they are usually very good with this sort of thing. And don’t panic! x

I agree with Pat. You must ring them now and be completely honest about the whole thing. You never expected him to stay away this long as he has walked off before and come straight back (I wouldn’t admit that he has been gone for a couple of weeks at a time previously as they will try to claim even more back from you). You were so upset when you realised he wasn’t coming back and you totally forgot to ring them.

They will recalculate your claim and deduct it from your allowance this year so your payments will reduce. I’m sure you won’t go to prison. You did not set out to deliberately deceive them and as long as you co-operate fully with them now, I’m sure it will be resolved quite amicably. Please do ring them as soon as possible to show that you have no intention to deceive them :slight_smile:

Tracey x