Forgetting to drink! Ideas please!

My memory and concentration are horrendous right now and I keep forgetting to drink! I will go to make a drink and get distracted by something else. Such as an hour ago I got the squash out to make some, then saw that the dishes from lunch were on the side so put them in the dishwasher and sat back down to read my new leaflets that arrived. Then 5 minutes ago I thought god I’m thirsty and saw the squash bottle still on the side doh! Yesterday I think I drank 2 pints of squash all day! Any suggestions on how I can remember to drink? Thanks x

Set your mobile phone alarm for when you next need to drink. Set it to keep nagging you until you have drunk it all. Then cancel the alarm and set it for the next time. Without this trick, nothing would get done in this house at all. Alison

Good idea thanks. It’s not too bad when my partner is here cos he keeps asking me if I want a drink but he leaves for work at 6am and isn’t home til 6pm. Will try the alarm x