Football Energy - advice

Recentlyish diagnosed- I have been trying to get back into doing sports and football type team games are a good way to socialise. I (think) im relatively fit and go to gym most days. But I dont have stamina for more than 15 minutes run or 4 minutes of football. This is “ok” at the football because is five-a-side fairly relaxed and a lot of the other teams are pretty bad.

I was just wondering if anyone had stumbled upon anything that helped them with a boost of energy for sports games?

Lucozade seems good but there’s only so much of that you can drink during a match.
I have also tried some of the Iso energy Gels instead (after seeing players sucking on those pouches during world cup) and that seems pretty good too.

Hey, there’s a supplement I take called Oxygen Elements Max. It helps with energy levels and athletes use it to boost performance. I buy mine from

Hope your stamina improves!

Thanks! After your recommendation I found it on amazon as well so will give it a go!