foot fetsh?

Good day to you all!

One of my carers (Chris) sleeps over on a Friday, to let hubby sleep upstairs and have a rest from me,,,,,,,,,,,as I sometimes wake in the early hours for a tinkle! More like t`co-op horse! Who knows that phrase?

Well we did laff this morning, as she said I had a busy night! She said I was talking in my sleep and said;

`Oh wow! Look at those lovely feet!`

Now just who`s feet i was admiring I don`t know. They certainly weren`t my size 8s with yucky toenails.

The rate of pay for a sleepover is set, allowing 2 wake ups. But if it is night where the caree needs watching/helping  more, it becomes what they call `a waking night`........and that pays a higher rate.

guess what Chris is asking for? (only joking of course.......I think!)

Sweet dreams!

luv Pollxx

Me again...I meant to type `foot fetIsh`

luv Pollx

Oh Poll what does go through that head of yours? Of all things to dream about is feet, you need help with a capital 'H'

Luv Janet x

Hi Janet, yeh H for help. It also stand for hahahaha!

luv Pollx