Food matters


I’m discovering that diet can have an effect. Because I, like so many of us, am on the edge of physical functionality, every thing I eat seems to matter.

Some thoughts:


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Oh Steve, what a great read. :slight_smile:

I have always noticed that when I see people walking along the street eating, (which I find disgusting anyway) it’s never a healthy piece of fruit or a dainty snack. No. Its always a packet of crisps or a bag of chips, or half a baguette or guzzling a can of Red Bull or “diet” coke! Their face contorted as they literally wrap their lips around something from a paper wrapper, almost like the stereotype drunk clutching the brown paper bag.

You are what you eat? Of course you are. Just look around us. How many obese kids were in your school when you were growing up? What I find disconcerting is the don’t care attitude. The acceptance of it all. I fear future generations will keep expanding. Clothes sizes will follow. Evolution will produce generations of Weebles. Legs and feet will be rendered useless and unnecessary!

Oh how I wish I could walk again!!!

Your daughter looks beautiful Steve. :slight_smile:

i have tried cutting out wheat and dairy.

disaster looms if i can’t have my slice of toast with lurpak!

now i’ve settled on eating no processed foods.

whole foods are slightly more expensive but fill you up for longer.

now the rest of the family are less resistant so we all benefit.

i only eat meat 3 times a week (no big sacrifice as i don’t really like it).

actually it’s only bacon that i can’t live without.

a vegetarian curry is my favourite meal.