Follow-up to finally.


It is common in these obscure towns of the south-east to claim that other towns are full of weirdos. They’re not but it gives a good edge to this short blog, if you wish to read it:


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I somehow missed this blog , I’ve just read it. As usual it’s brilliant. You are so descriptive, I feel as if I can see all of those people. It makes me wonder how people would describe me , I try to be refined and ladylike. I always tend to wear makeup and a nice scarf. I especially try to look my best if I’m going to a doctor’s or hospital appointment, my friend Christine always says they treat you better if you are well dressed and present well. It’s hard though because often I’m tired or feel bedraggled, I’m always covered in Frazers hair it seems to stick like glue. I think the problem is I will always stand out now having Frazer with me . We turn a lot of heads but usually in a good way. However it’s a different story if it’s me and my Molly…very liberating though to say and do what ever you like ! Michelle and Frazer xx

Another well written blog Steve. I enjoyed the description of the locals. You need to see our local people if you want your eyes opening… In a tiny village there’s lots of inter-breeding I’m convinced. You kick one and they all limp. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. I sometimes wonder if I was a really bad beggar in a previous life as my hospital file needs it’s own trolley tho cart it around. I’m waiting to hear on Monday if I need surgery for something not ms related. I thought it was only me who seemed to be getting all sorts of unrelated diagnoses, not that I’m glad to hear you’re joining my little club of 1. Good luck with your treatment and be kind to yourself, I imagine this will really tire you out. Cath x

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