Folding electric scooters advice (commuter type)

Hi all, I’m fortunately not yet ready for a mobility scooter but I’m considering buying an electric folding scooter to help getting around. Being portable it’ll be easier on public transport or in the car. Any advice or recommendations please Thanks Love Adam

Theres been many threads on this. Try putting “folding mobility scooter” in the search box. Top right hand of page.

Hi All ,

I’m new to all this and not very computer savvy so apologies in advance !

I have been recently started on Amantadine 100mg and increased to 200mg and I’m feeling dreadful , i have also been advised to increase my gabapentin. I feel the mixture is making me feel worse than ever i feel spaced out and almost frightened when I go outside of the house and don,t feel safe to drive. I’m also on Tecfidera which over the past 18 months have found it really helpful.

I finally got to speak to my MS nurse (Who always seems so over worked she can’t get me off the phone quick enough) who advised me to persevere with it and will see me in 3 weeks. I’ve been off work 5 weeks and just want to et back to a state where i can function again.

I’d been so grateful for any advice and if i can offer any support to anyone about Tecfidera please ask away.



Hi Sam

You’ve joined on an unrelated topic. You might get more ideas about your situation by starting another thread (see the New Thread box), you can give it a relevant title, then post your question.

It sounds like you’re not necessarily being given even the smallest bit of useful help over this.

How long have you taken the Amantadine for? Is it doing what you expected when you started it apart from these side effects? (I assume you wanted a reduction of fatigue?) if not, and you’re having these effects, depending on how long you took the low dose for and how long you’ve taken the increased dose, you could consider stopping it.

If you’ve only been on it for a couple of weeks, your MS nurse might be right and given another couple of weeks you might get used to it.

It’s not such a good idea to increase two drugs more or less simultaneously, you can’t be sure which drug is causing the side effects or whether it is the mixture that’s wrong. Have you been on Gabapentin for a while and just lately increased the dose? The same questions apply here, is the drug doing what you wanted? Were you side effect free until taking Amantadine? Did you increase the dose of the two drugs simultaneously? If so and one or both of the drugs on a lower dose didn’t cause side effects, try going back to then with your dosage. Then increase one very slowly until you are comfortable with the side effects.

If neither drug is doing what you are taking it for, then think about slowly stopping one or both, ask your GP for more advice on how to do this.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t safe to drive, don’t.

I hope you either get over the side effects as you acclimatise to the drugs, or that you find another way to manage your symptoms.


Thanks Sue ,

Its took me ages find the thread box but ot it now,

Thanks For the advice anyway


Hi AB1707,

not that I know one scooter from another, I thought I would offer some advice from a bus drivers perspective (but don’t know how much longer I will be allowed to carry on).

Anyway, I would advise you ask your local bus company, or the company that runs the buses you are most likely to travel on what is acceptable, as some of them have rules on size and type including the manoeverability of them!


Hi I have a Luggie scooter its very nippy and very easy to fold down take a look at their website.


I am thinking of getting a TGA Maximo Plus 6 mph Folding Scooter c. £2,400

has anyone got one, or know if they are worth getting?

I just want to keep it in the car for when I go out on short trips.

Cheers Fay

Very few scooters will go on a bus. It s more to do with manuverability than weight. But there is a weight limit. Most buses you have to go in, turn and then reverse around a pole. Hard enoff in a wheelchair. and thats assuming no people, buggies or sholleys to avoid!

Trains have a limit as well. See the individual train companies website. They do differ - an.d getting on and turning is easier on some - London Midland, Virgin than others - Arriva, Cross Country.

I have a Luggie,i bought it second hand it had only been used a few times so was like new, i love it.

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