foggy head??

Does anyones symptoms get worse or flair up with stress? I have been stressed and anxious the last few weeks and i have gradually got worse. First i couldnt sleep, then headaches, dizziness and now an awful foggy head, can’t think straight and exhausted. Some old symptoms have returned too, is this common?

In a word Zipster, yes. I find that even ‘good stress’ (i.e. getting excited about something) can make me feel worse.

I try my best to avoid stressful situations and stay as calm as possible.

I know that there are a few people on here who practise meditation etc. so hopefully you’ll get some replies from them. I just try to put things into perspective (i.e. if there’s nothing I can do to change a situation, I try not to think/worry about it too much). Not easy sometimes, but gets easier with practise.


For me, it does. My work disciplined me before I was diagnosed and the stress whilst still working there made my relapse considerably worse. Since I am signed off work by GP my symptoms are still the same bit the anxious trembling is massively reduced! I now know to avoid stress, and now I am diagnosed I will never let an employer stress me out like that again. Luckily we are protected by the Equality Act 2010 at work. My symptoms were worse when my gran passed away recently too… So yes stress brings it on worse for a lot of people as stress itself makes the central nervous system flare up. X

Also… Like Mags, I try to keep the mind set “worrying won’t change the outcome” and it is so true… But easier to say than do at times. X