Flys and spray!!

I know this sounds a bit silly!, but my b’friend has a hate/obssesion with flies and keeps spraying a fly killing spray that is really affecting me, so i am having to keep the back door closed so none get in and he doesn’t use the spray, therefore no air, any ideas for a 'better’spray or option?

hope this helps!

ellie x

Hi catt

You thought yours sounded a bit silly wait for this I open the window as wide as it goes and shout get out over and over. I have a paper that I waft near it going to directon I want it to use to leave still shouting till it can’t stand it anymore and escapes. I don’t normally hit it and it does seem to work, hubby says I’m like a fly whisperer I think it’s because I’m loud they send me mad do they have ears though?

Yvonne x

Hi, my hubby abhors flies in the house too. he and little Lucy (our toy pooodle) go on what I call fly patrol with a swatter. He wallops em so hard youd think they were dinosaurs. Lucy barks and jumps in their direction…just managing to get out of the way before the swatter comes!

I hate the smell and gas from sprays, so avoid buying them. But he does the majority of the shopping, so that idea ain`t much help.

Dont have any solutions Im afraid.

luv Pollx

We’ve got an electric fly swat. Someone will probably say it’s cruel, but it can be a fun game swiping at them and seeing a little spark when you make contact…