well i’ve been replying to lots of newbies and telling them about tecfidera.

said the flushing is nothing to worry about but i must have forgotten how hot it makes me.

so i’m puce coloured with white blotches.

now i’m shivering.

ah well, as zebedee used to say “time for bed” boiiingg!

young 'uns need to know zebedee was in the magic roundabout.

when childrens tv was made by psychadelic hippies!

you can get it on you tube

my heart health has improved recently and so i am down to half a daily aspirin.

interestingly, in coincidence with this, if i eat next to nothing in the evening, i usually wake up feeling flushed (prickled) at about 4am.

this comes about 5 hours after my tecfidera does #2

i therefore make sure to always eat reasonably in the evening, now that i am on 50% aspirin.

with all this being said, the prickles (flushing) are never severe enough to keep me awake and if they were, an anti-histamine would resolve them.

incidentally zebedee was so annoying… bloody speed freak. Dylan was more my vibe.

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ha ha!

it was a really trippy programme for children!

la la la laa la, la la la la laa la i can still hum the tune.

florence, dylan and zebedee but can’t remember any more characters.

i have been eating a lot and this is the first time since i first started tec that i’ve flushed like this.

thanks for your kind response

i’ve been telling newbies to look out for your posts and replies as you are the resident expert on tec.

carole x

Wasn’t the Magic Roundabout supposedly dreamed up as a result of LSD trips? Great characters, I always loved Zebedee and Ermenteude. But then, have you ever seen In the Night Garden? That’s got mental characters in it. It’s also got lovely Derek Jacobi narrating.

Sorry, nothing to do with Tec and flushing!!

As I have children aged 7, 6, 3 and 1 I have had my fill of In The Night Garden…also definitely trippy!

Upsy-Daisy, Iggle-Piggle and Tombliboo’s to name but a few…

Re Magic Roundabout, Dougall the Yellow dog was my fav…I still have the soft toy to prove it!

Start Tec next Wednesday expecting delivery…will keep a check for this flushes.

Roobs xx

love those children’s tv programmes.

my great nephew loves in the night garden so i’ve seen it once or twice.

can’t get into peppa pig though.

ermentrude the cow! i’d forgotten that one.

the really old dramas for children were fab.

catweazel and wurzel gummidge.

my youngest sister is 10 years younger than me and i used her as an excuse to watch all the childrens tv.

i only had bloody andy pandy!

and the woodentops.

see where a tecfidera flush leads us!

and not a sock in sight.

OMG the socks are getting everywhere!

AD has a lot to answer for…

Roobs xx

Forgot also about Brian the Snail…

But did you have Milly Molly Mandy and the lift?

Always loved Chorlton…

chorlton? must have been one of the children’s tv that i missed.

unless you’re talking about chorlton cum hardy.

are you a manc carraboy?

The Magic Roundabout that we knew and loved was entirely down to the narrator, Eric Thompson (Emma Thompson’s dad). He thought the French stories were too simplistic, so he created his own stories to match the character’s actions.

There were three other children on the roundabout with Florence, but they didn’t feature in the stories very much. I also remember a character called Mr Rusty, who zipped around on a tricycle.

Back in the 70s, there were arguments between Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso owners over which breed was represented by Dougal. It turns out that he was just a hairy dog that ran on wheels because it saved on animation. The man who created him was none other than Ivor Wood, who went on to create Postman Pat!

I’ve seen some topic drift in my time. Going from flushing to children’s programmes takes the biscuit.

​Excellence in children’s TV!

Willo The Wisp! Evil Edna and The Moog, plus Kenneth Williams, best ever cartoon. We still call dogs of a certain girth and with little legs a ‘Moog’.

I’d almost forgotten Will of the Wisp!

When I was very young one of my favourite programmes was The Herb Garden. Parsley the lion, Dill the dog, Bayleaf the gardener, to name just a few of the characters. It was one of the lunchtime Watch With Mother programmes in the late 60s - 70s.

i remember the herbs and i can still sing the songs

i’m a very friendly lion called parsley

i’m dill the dog a dog called dill, though my tail i’d love to get i haven’t caught it yet

i’m bayleaf the gardner sweeping up the lawn

hahaha! my brain is a very strange place!

Oh yes, that brings back memories. And then Listen with Mother in the afternoon.

Please can we have a mention of Hartley Hare and the rest of the animals on Pipkins? I can still hear in my head the voices of Hartley and Pig, but I don’t remember a single story line or what in earth it was all about.


I was more into The Flumps myself… and of course, Bod.