Flu type bloody virus aaaaaarghhhhhhhh

well gang after getting away with not even a sniffle all winter,today i am laid up in bed with this awful flu like virus,i last had proper flu 25 years ago,it knocked me for six,i still remember it today,i was in bed for 6 weeks…it annoys me when people think they have the flu if they have a bad cold,my brother caught flu for the first time in his life a few years ago, and it shocked him to feel so ill,he said he thought he had the flu many times but said there really is no mistaking it when you DO get it…

anyway sorry for rambling…but this is the next best thing to it, i cant stand for more than a minute,i couldnt sleep atall last night,burning up stabbing pains,blah,blah,thing is my other half, my daughter and 2 yr old grandaughter also have it,we always like to do things together lol…i am so .so fed up…hope yours is a much better weekend than mine…

J x

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Oh Mrs J I am so sorry to see that you have a nasty flu virus. Best to rest as much as you can, and make sure you take plenty of fluids on but board, together with paracetamol to keep your temperature down.

How it eases real soon for you, take care, (((((hugs)))))

Pam x

thanks Pam,i feel ill


Oh I am sorry to hear that! Hopefully you’ll make a quick recovery. Sometimes MS can be handy in killing off a virus quickly… let’s hope so.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

hope so Pat, i hardly ever get colds and virus’s,think my little grandaughters picked it up from her new nursery,and passed it on to us all,bless her lol…cant believe we have all got it at same time though…

J x

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You don’t usually get viruses because of MS. It’s a shame that one made it through your immune system of steel!

Stay in bed!

Wishing you better,

Pat xx

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Sorry you are feeling so rough, I last had flu near on thirty five years ago after our second daughter daughter was born it was awful. Keep your fluids up you dont want a UTI on top of all that. XXX Don