Flu and relapse

Last weekend i got the flu/chest infection and then the next day i couldnt lift my leg and ankle.My other leg is still not ok from 1st relapse 3years ago.Was put on gilenya at xmas(xmas present) and said id be ok now until last weekend happened…3day iv steroids and some strong antibiotics and im bit better but not fully ok.Question is,is gilenya working?Should i get back to exercise routine or wait?..

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Infections quite often trigger relapses according to the Barts and the London MS blog. If you’ve had a relapse then Gilenya didn’t work for you for that relapse :(. If you feel up to exercise - I guess, go for it - but don’t over do it.

Best wishes.

Thanks vithfari.1 neuro said that I havent been on gilenya long enough to see if its truly working but I agree with you in that its nots working if I got a relapse this bad.Shame as I liked gilenya, no side effects and easy to take.i felt copaxone worked better though…Looks like tysabri is next for me.

Hello again

Just had a quick look at your profile-didn’t realise you were new. Welcome to the forum! I’m primary progressive MS, so not on DMDs and don’t know much about them, which is why I bumped you.

Look foward to chatting…lot’s of lovely people on this forum

Take care x

Hi blossom and nice to meet new but iv been using this forum before dx and during my diagnosis,it got me through it all.,Great people on here,got a lot of my info here.Im 34,got diagnosed at 31,took 2weeks of intensive tests to get dx.I didnt believe it for a year.This relapse is a bad 1,damn flu and chest infection didnt help.Life goes on eh.Thanks